Friday, October 20, 2006

Someday My Wife Will be the Breadwinner

...and I'm counting the minutes...

My lovely wife Frances England recently released a CD of indie-style children's music (Kindie Rock?) entitled Fascinating Creatures. It was a little homespun thingy that she and my cousin Billy Riggs put together on his computer. Fran wrote and played guitar on all the songs and Billy added additional guitar work as well as some percussion, bass, etc.

Think: Kids music that won't drive parents bonkers.

Frances and her main inspiration

Anyhow, this little CD of beautiful songs has been reviewed by most of the heavy hitters in the kids music business and every single review has been glowing to say the least. Last week it was announced that Fascinating Creatures was the sole winner of the 2007 Oppenhiem Platinum Award for Music - for those of you who don't know, the Oppenheim is THE "independent consumer review of children's media", and this is quite a coup for a non-established artist.

It's even more amazing that she wrote and recorded it while raising a child full-time and working towards her Master's Degree Libary Science Degree.

Anyhow, I don't want to gush about it, I think it speaks for itself.

We are currently trying to get the word out to the masses, which seems to be the hard part - everyone who hears it, wants it, so we just need more people to hear it.

If any of you have children or have friends with children and would like to get a great gift or just pass along a great tip, check it out.

Listen or buy it on CDBABY.COM.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word. I want to quit my day job...


PS check out the user reviews on CDBaby (scroll down)...very telling!

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cycloscott said...

Huge congrats to Frances. And justly deserved. We gave a copy of the CD to our niece in the spring, and I'm still singing some of the songs to myself.