Sunday, February 25, 2007

BJM vs Versus

Yeah, I know nobody's reading this blog since Cyclocross season has ended (no doubt with good reason), but I gotta rant SOMEWHERE.

Versus (formerly OLN) is on my shit-list...why?

photo stolen from the BJM blog...

#1 - Ok, I was a little bummed that our local boy Ben Jacques-Maynes didn't get any facetime on TV for his 3rd place in the Prologue at the Tour of California. I mean come on, turn those freakin' cameras on when the race starts...duh.

#2 - The Stage One ruling to ignore the written rules of the tour and keep Levi in yellow (and BJM in third) may or may not have been prudent, but I don't think they even mentioned who would have been in yellow on Versus if they had stuck to the rules.

#3 - In my mind, the worst offense was a lack of any mention of BJM's stellar ride in the Solvang TT except for a cursory "oh hey look who's in 10th" by Phil Liggett as the credits began to roll. There, amongst a list of Europe's finest racers was one of Norcal's finest. Ben's teammate Zirbel did get some good coverage for holding the best time early on, but Ben's mug was not to be seen despite beating Zirbel's time and sitting high (3rd) on the leaderboard before the big guns started to roll. Also this ride was further proof that the Prologue was no fluke.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nothing to Blog About

Lately...except for the fam...

Rowan is getting huge (18+lbs at 6 mos), and as a result our biceps are reaching "maximum pumpitude". Now he's eating solid food and sitting up for a few minutes at a time but mostly just rolling all over the place but not thinking too much about crawling yet. Rolling must be oh so much easier than crawling for one as rotund as he. He's still as sweet and mellow as ever.

Liam has us in constant hysterics (especially Rowan) with his interpretive dance and his alien impersonations. I've got him in training to start carrying Rowan around for us. As you can see from the above photo, he has a ways to go...

More love...

Fran is working on a book deal - no joke. In my mind, she's already famous and successful. Unfortunately BofA isn't reflecting anything to affirm this.

Me, I'm subsisting on a diet of cookie dough, corn chips, and beer.

This morning I did an about-face and went to Pilates class, if only to give the girls something to snigger at...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Back to the Grind.

We left VT on Sunday and right now it's snowing 4 inches an hour there. God I miss seasons...

It's about 60 degrees in SF today and I'm hoping to sneak out for a bike ride, but honestly I'd rather be up to my waist in "pow". It's probably best that Tahoe is hurting for it since I have no time for it anyhow.