Tuesday, October 03, 2006

DFL Three and Four - Spanked by the Kid

FYI photos maliciously stolen from Bici Girl's Flickr collection

Oof whatta week. My butt was thoroughly kicked before I even put my shoes on and then it was time to get kicked all over again. Basically both DFL races this week went the same, Cam and I rode out for a little jaunt off the front, and then Cam drops me with 15 minutes to go.

Wednesday's race was another crazy Crocker-Amazon course, and this time they put us on the narrow sidewalk on Geneva Ave then right thru the middle of the parking lot - totally nuts. Anyhow, you know how it went, but man those "little" hills hurt over and over. You can't do hill repeats like those on your own.

Does this dress make my ass look fat?

Saturday's race was the DFL finals, a terrific little twisty jaunt thru the trails of GGP, followed by the splendid little affair that was the BBQ and awards. I arrived Saturday AM a little worn out - my week of riding somehow got derailed by a 80-somthing-hour work week that kept me busy right up until 3AM Saturday. Anyhow, Cam basically toyed with me all race - he even slowed down to wait for me when I dropped my chain. Then he dropped me with a couple laps to go, and I don't know if he was even trying to. It's fun riding with Cam, the kid's got serious skills...but lord knows how he can keep his body temp down with that shrub growing on his chin.

So, check out the trophies for the DFL series - these things are sweeter than any cash payout from any event in the area.

DFL Series Winners Cameron Falconer and Rachel Lloyd

Rachel is back, by the way. Look out girls...

Props to Herr Snodgrass and the DFL crew. You guys are THE BEST!

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