Monday, June 30, 2008

My wife is a total hottie

I met this beautiful woman, Frances England, at a Halloween party in 1996 in Atlanta, and fell in love.

Then we got married and moved to SF ('98), got a dog (2000), had a kid (2002), she made a children's CD and had another kid (2006), made another CD (2008), and went a few places and did a whole lot of stuff in-between.

Anyhow, I was strolling down memory lane the other day and then I looked at some new pictures from a recent photo shoot, and I realized, wow, Fran is like...a total hottie.

I'm sure I'm supposed to be aware of this 24/7 and tell her that she's beautiful all the time but I realized that not only is she gorgeous, but she's like 10X more gorgeous than when we met - I didn't think this was possible and I don't have a clue how it all happened.

Maybe it has something to do with "finding herself" as she has with her music, or maybe she's just a late bloomer, but either way, I gotta keep an eye on that one...

because I just look old.


lauren said...

she's a super cutie! she's got a great smile.

i've seen you in person - and you surely don't look old.

Bonnie said...

Damn straight she's a hottie :)