Friday, September 22, 2006

DFL Numéro Deux

Jeepers that course was a bitch. I got there just in time to put on my (same old boring) dress and number, didn't see the course. Freaking hilly and bumpy-ass course and right away my chain starts skipping. Watched Cameron then Rich ride away as my cog skipped every 3rd pedal stroke, couldn't stand on it or it would skip more, so I basically tried to hold off everyone from behind, which I barely did - Rick Hunter almost caught me at the line. Next race hopefully the planets will align and I can start hammering again - I kind of want to see where my fitness is vis-a-vis other riders but I guess I'll have to wait. Probably better off anyhow, when it happens I'll only be left with one excuse: old age. Christ, I'm 38 tomorrow.

Didn't have any time for chillin' with the grrrls post-race. It was great to see Mattias out there on his shiny new steed!
My problem was an uber-stiff link which took like 20 minutes to loosen up.

Might try CCCX this weekend if I can get away. Hope to see you there!

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velogirl said...

happy belated birthday. 38 is young, dude! no excuses.