Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DFL Numero Uno

DFL Urban Outlaw Cyclocross Race #1

Yes, it's that time of year again. This series is such a hoot I can't seem to stay away. Dylan and Ducky and crew are such great guys and the vibe is always fun, regardless of skyrocketing heartrates.

Last year DFL #1 was the first and last race of my season. This year, hopefully that won't be the case - a whole year off plus a healthy dose of Pilates may save my cx "career" yet.

Anyhow, the wife got some 48-hour bug that she passed to me yesterday. I've been feeling woozy all day and almost dozed off in a meeting today. Didn't feel much like riding hard tonight but thought I'd start the race to see what happened. Hung with Cameron and Simon for a lap and a half and had to let them go, I just couldn't push it. Rode with Rich Maile in 3rd until he cramped up and then Ginger (who looked FABULOUS in his long golden braids) caught me and I sat on his wheel until he dropped his chain. This was perfect since I didn't have to ride that hard to preserve my spot so I tempo-ed in for 3rd place - which will keep me high in the standings for next week when I'll be (hopefully) healthy again. I don't even feel that tired tonight, thank goodness. Even though I train right thru DFL (hella hard workout last night) I still like to give it my all if I can, get a good workout, and maybe even win it all again.

Was good to see all the folks out there again after such a long time off. I even noticed Barry Wicks was out there (but he didn't race). The course was really single-tracky and fun, and I liked that you could ride most of the it. Lapping riders on the ST was hard but everyone was cool. Bunny-hopping the big log was fun and good practice. I didn't enjoy the downhill run, though - a bit hard on the back. Not a whole lot of teammates in the race (Ron, Dennis sans dress!, Aaron) but a lot showed up to spectate (Hans, Brian, Jeremy Sycip, Erika, more?).

Never made it to Thrift Town this week, so I had to recycle an old dress from, jeepers, 4 years ago? This dress is the most functional dress ever - basically looks like a long floral lycra tank top on my long torso...but really I need some style so maybe this weekend I'll head over to the Mission.

Got home this evening and Liam pointed out to me that I was wearing a dress, which didn't seem to phase his 3 1/2 yr old mind, but only time will tell if there will be any long-term effects...

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