Thursday, September 01, 2005

Aquatic Insurgency in New Orleans

Yikes, I'm already getting political...

With the horrific images of devastation coming across the wire from the hurricane-ravaged areas of Louisiana and Mississippi, and the terrible stories of local police units being swamped (both figuratively and literally) and unable to serve and protect as they would like, one can only imagine how much more swiftly our government would have reacted to this disaster if it had been a terrorist attack.

Of course our government is not to blame for such a disaster, but knowing how much of our money and troops are going to our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan leads me to ponder how useful even a fraction of these resources would be in a time of domestic crisis like this...and how much better our troops would be received...

That would be one massive military undertaking I would have supported wholeheartedly.

Indeed the parallels of Katrina to 9/11 are being drawn all over the place - promises of how the great American might and will can overcome...blah blah blah. At times like this I like to look outside our own domestic media for a more rational view from those who are not trying to politicize the issue.

Here's one from the BBC:

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Kevin Krejci said...

I saw a documentary recently about how vulnerable New Orleans is, and how little was being done to prepare for the inevitable attacks of Mother Nature (fueled perhaps by a bit of our own contributions to global warming). Not enough funding available, sorry. If we can only prove that the insurgent waters were sent here by Saddam, then we may have a case for going to war on this issue too.