Monday, January 01, 2007

Ignorance = Bliss

I wonder if anyone's racing anymore.

Cousin Billy's Wedding in Yosemite but all I was excited about was buying a cheap sled and taking Liam on run after run in the snow play area at Crane Flat. We were soaked to the bone, what a friggin' blast.

If anyone wants me to update the Cyclocross website they'll have to actually send me an email and tell me what to say, because I'm out of it...completely. If I value my marriage ("I do") I don't have any say in the matter.

I've ridden my bike twice since Nationals - two Marin Headlands loops to Miwok Stables and back on my Single-Speed. It's funny, I've turned into one of "those guys" - you know, the ones that catch and pass you on your blissful jaunt thru the hills just to show off. I get out so seldom that I try to pack a week's intensity into 2 hours. If there's someone to pass, I'll sure as hell pass them - at least I smile and say "hi", tho.

Today I was fortunate enough to have a pretty fit rabbit on a SC Superlight start up Miwok about a minute ahead of me. Anyone who frequents these trails knows that the Miwok trail N-bound between Bobcat and Old Springs is a bee-atch of a climb, and on a SS it is a total body workout because there ain't much sittin' down to be done.

So I killed myself on it, rewarded with the Old Springs descent - one of the few fun and legal ST descents in this birthplace of the MTB - and continued the pain up the Marincello climb, envisioning that my rabbit (who wasn't behind me anymore) chased me all the way up.

I was pooped when I got home. Fran puts Rowan in my arms and says "he's yours, I'm outta here" (Liam was at a friend's house). Rowan is great if you completely engage him. I was too tired to do that, so instead I put him in the Bjorn and do the 15-minute gut-check up the stairs to the top of Grand View Park. It's funny how I have no problem being physically tired, but my brain...well that's another story - I'd rather schlep a 20 lb. 5-month-old up 500 steps than play peek-a-boo. It's just too tiring...

It was a brilliant day and I think I could actually make out individual surfers on Ocean Beach 2 miles away. Rowan rewarded me by falling asleep just as I returned home, he loves walkies.

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