Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nora is a bitch

After Nationals I got sicker and sicker, and pretty sure it was the Nora virus, and it was ugly. I'm pretty sure it was the same thing Liam went through a few days prior. Luckily the worst symptoms didn't hit until an hour or so after landing at SFO - that would have been a tough trip. The next 2 days were spent no more than 30' from the nearest potty...ugh.

Happily recovered, tho.

The bikes are still in the box in the garage. If I didn't have to return the box to my teammate, they'd probably be in there until July - no joke.


Anonymous said...

you sure it wasn't the pig poop from the Surf City Finals??


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

come goof with the roadie scum for a bit, damn you.

and that's a kickass pic a the nubber. same smile.